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Rethinking Bali times

"Changing realities while moving from one side of the world to another for me is like 'I just wanna stay in my room for days'. To digest the transition and be well prepared for a ever green question: "How many... Continue Reading →

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Nusa Penida: life is all about fishing

Life separates us from our friends many times. It even hinders us to think about them too often. But they are here, although we do not know where exactly. We do not hear about them, almost do not think about... Continue Reading →

Post work rehab: Maribor indulges us

Few days ago Polona ran into a grandmother of her hairdresser. She is 80 years old and well know peddler who is still heroically cultivating her garden and selling veggie goodies. Chit chat about life took us to Chinese cabbage... Continue Reading →

Munich: ‘Lucky charm button’ project launch

Someone gets excited over soap operas, others over delish beef soup or blooming pelargonium flowers on the balcony. Each has their own trigger, which brings fire to persons life. It often happens that those triggers differ greatly from each other... Continue Reading →

Austria: seasonal work behind the scenes

Seasonal work in Austria is similar as Big Brother. Without the Big Brother. You spend most of the time in the same building, with the same people, doing the same work all day, every day. In between you are pushed... Continue Reading →

Food mood: juicy support for hard worker

I was writing about hard work already. The latter is coming to an end and I swore to myself I’m not doing this kind of seasonal work in Austria again. It has been half a year since I’m polishing all... Continue Reading →

Towards the erupting volcano

One would say with certainty that I am the black sheep which stands out from the whiteness. That I am the fish which swims against the current. A bit exaggerated, but I agree. Years ago I was offered to build... Continue Reading →

Holy Bepanthen: housekeeping at its best

What do we do? Basicly we clean. Hotel rooms. We clean until our skin breaks. Into little cracks. Bleeding. We share bed and Bepanthen (cream that heals wounds), just to name a few. We laugh. Few times a day until... Continue Reading →

Why do I clean with master degree?

I'm Gastarbeiter in Austria. Gast as a guest and Arbeiter as a worker. A year ago I was done with teaching English for pocket money in the heart of Java island and eating too much rice. I was dreaming about... Continue Reading →

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