At this very moment I’m absolute white girl cliche, eating her Western breakfast of fresh fruits, muesli and yogurt. In the cafe on a beach with laptop. I would be so ashamed of me only few years ago. But, let discuss this in the other post. Let me just say in my defense I’ve been eating big portions of rice in the early mornings before. I might do it again.


After (on and off) living in Java for past three years I’m now trying out Bali. Meanwhile Java has one and only Allah, I’m noticing Bali is called ‘the island of the Gods’ for a reason. As I try to learn about Hindu religion my progress is slow. Reading a book it means flipping the pages backwards all the time, because I’m forgetting the names and terms constantly. It is Hinduism that makes the island smell good and look charming and at the same time it makes it looks trashy.

Every village has it’s own pura or temple as well as every household has one. Dressed up statues are scattered everywhere for protection. In the mornings women are making offerings: basically everywhere. A woman peacefully squatting in the middle of the crossroad of the busy road, putting down banana leaf full of frangipani flowers, cookies and other goods along with incenses is just another ordinary scene you may pass in here.


On the other hand offering to the gods it taken too literally. Giving it back to the deities has no limits, therefore throwing plastic into the nature seems just the most natural thing one can do. I’m not putting all the blame on the religion here, because rubbish management is great weakness overall Indonesia. What was once wrapped in banana leafs, is now shinning in plastic, but the mindset remains the same: throw it. Anyway, there was fabulous project Ecobricks launched in Bali, but got more response in Java. It is all about filling plastic bottles with more plastic, which must be clean and dry. My neighbor (Ruby, Netherlands) just initiated ecobricking in our small community and the little ones are more than happy to stuff all kind of plastic into the bottles creating colorful bricks.


Actually, I wanted to write more about our community but I’ve got totally carried away by image of awesome couch made out of ecobricks. I guess gods wanted me to pass the eco message first. In near fututre expect home cooked Javanese (!) food, carvings for cheese and snakes.