On this weekend mood Thursday we decided to treat us with some good food. Before hitting the road we had our starter on the street: avocado-banana juice.


After some chilling on the cliffs, we headed to Jimbaran fish market where locals are selling their morning catch. Various seafood on ice was waiting for us to make a pick. While standing in melted fishy water we picked ours, got it weighted and then took it to the open kitchen warung. There they martinated and grilled it to perfection. It took some time (read: we were too hungry too wait patiently), that’s why we had a second starter: fresh coconut. Once fish was served we attacked it with bare hands dipping it in sambal, chili sauce. They provided green chili sauce with shallot and red chili one with tomatoes. Towards the end we each sucked up one fish eye and  got the rest wrapped to go.



You can imagine afternoon rest was obligatory and full of excitement with leftover dinner avaiting!