It supposed to be sunny funny day trip full of joy.

And then life happened.

In the future I should do series of mix relationships orientated posts and let this food mood post be a soft introduction into it. Being in a relationship with a person from different culture is indeed challenging and when you add some character issues to a daily situations it can become a real struggle at times.

In the end all that matters is how you deal with it. It sure makes it easier when some good food is brought to the battlefield. Being able to be mature enough to realize immature behaviour. Mine and his. His and mine.


A conversation that led nowhere followed by a silent hour was brilliantly saved with a stop by the street to have a durian for a snack. Sides of the road leading to hilly area of Bratan lake in central Bali are full of durian stalls. Most of Indonesian people would choose this fruit over chocolate. I needed some time to start to like it and am now enjoying it’s muddy structure melting in my mouth.

Stopping was his decision. I was still silently sitting in the car while he was picking the best fruit to have an awesome snack.

In the end we were sitting by the street eating smelly king of the fruits full of vitamins and minerals which obviously helped us to refresh our minds: to rethink, to accept and to laugh again. Storm of life followed by sunshine. Literally: as we sat and ate rain was pouring down and as we left and start driving the sun greeted us.