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Going back to places: Jogjakarta

Back to Jogja, where I have been living for about two years. It was just a short visit after more than half of year since I left. It seemed unreal I stayed there only for a week. Even though I... Continue Reading →


Food mood: tempeh-tofu-chicken curry

We've got comment that that's not curry, because the lack of chilies. According to Pak Dodok our dish today should be called opor ayam or chicken dish cooked with coconut milk and various spices. Well, basically that was it, but... Continue Reading →

Jingle all the way

If I would be back home in Slovenia, it would be mandatory for me to eat pork on first day of new year. It symbolizes 'a push forward', because with it's snout a pig digs into a mud -always pushing... Continue Reading →

Javanese birds and Balinese snakes

Bali was never truly on my mind as an island where I would live. As I arrived in Bali for the first time about 5 years ago, I stepped out of the bus, when men started to yell at me... Continue Reading →

Food mood: Jimbaran fish market, Bali

On this weekend mood Thursday we decided to treat us with some good food. Before hitting the road we had our starter on the street: avocado-banana juice. After some chilling on the cliffs, we headed to Jimbaran fish market where... Continue Reading →

Charming Bali: Plastics to the gods

At this very moment I'm absolute white girl cliche, eating her Western breakfast of fresh fruits, muesli and yogurt. In the cafe on a beach with laptop. I would be so ashamed of me only few years ago. But, let... Continue Reading →

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